J.A. Corell, S.L. , "Since Always"

More than 50 years dedicated to production and transformation of garlic and onion. In J.A. Corell, S.L. we know that quality of final product is a guarantee of our prestige and confidence for the client.

Our products outcrop in the best growing areas of the country. We take care with niceness, therefore collection, handling and processing of the same ones, all this with the most modern systems of mechanization and technology. SEE OUR VIDEO-PROMO

Our Market

The quality of our products has made us have confidence of our client both in Spain and abroad, being exportation our main reference in our routing sheet

Maximun quality

THE GARLIC: Maximun Quality Red Garlic from Las Pedroñeras.
Garlic is exceptional in cuisine.It´s Great ally for health

THE ONION: Another great seasoning as garlic.
Onion stimulates appetite.It has great diuretic properties.


J.A. Corell S. L. Cosechero - Exportador
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