J.A.CORELL, S.L has it´s main warehouse in the town of Minaya (ALBACETE).We have more than 12.000 m ² area, for manipulation and conservation of our products. Land of exceptional farming for garlic, where process to obtain the great quality of our product begins.

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More than 9.000 m ² of storage and conservation.
Cold-storage rooms for more of 1.500 tn ,
Industrial dryer for 200 tn of product.
Rooms for manipulation more than 1.500 m ².
FIELD CROP: Garlic: 200 hectares of all the varieties:
Spring, (violet and white), White Garlic, Red Garlic.
Onions: 300 Hectares of all the varieties: Half a grain, grain, white, Red, echalote and sweet.


Our Facilities satisfy all measures of safety and maintenance demanded for the industry.

In J. A. Corell, S.L.
We worry seriously about our workers, both in hygiene measures and in personal safety

J.A. Corell S. L. Cosechero - Exportador
Camino Real 53 - 02620 Minaya (ALBACETE) - ESPAÑA