Our Company

J.A. Corell S.L.
It`s a familiar company with a long trayectory. We are placed in Spain, in a zone named La Mancha, located in a village called Minaya, 50 Kilometres from Albacete and 20 from Las Pedroñeras.Onions and Garlics are sowed and gathered by us in the best zones of Albacete and Cordoba, in this Manner we obtain the traceability of the products which we are going to work with later.

Professionalism, quality and a great service
Our guarantee is one extended portfolio of clients distributed all over the world.During the past of time, we have evolved investing in new technologies, a modern mechanization of our plant and a great qualification of our personnel in order that our products are a clear reference in industry. Quality and great service are our premises.

Always quality

We bet for quality
Our products are gathered, transformed and manipulated by specialized personnel, this is synonymous of quality in the final product.

Evolving is a guarantee of success
J.A. Corell S.L., throughout the years in. have been developing our facilities with the most modern existing systems of mechanization in the sector.

J.A. Corell S. L. Cosechero - Exportador
Camino Real 53 - 02620 Minaya (ALBACETE) - ESPAÑA